Short story on how the Nissan Patrol performed.

I went on a trip to the high country and would like to say how well my Patrol performed and how people could visit this area with a 4WD vehicle or a normal vehicle (high clearance is a must).

I visited a place called Lake Cobbler. This is a peaceful and tranquil area and with great views and the wildlife just make the stay satisfying.

High Country 2

How I got there was by 4wd over the ranges through Mt Stirling following the Mount Speculation Road and up what used to be the staircase which is still challenging but much easier to do. The trip is slow but you get to where you want to go and the Nissan just does this trip with ease. With great clearance and a diff locker you wouldn’t even think this was difficult. When people asked was it a hard track I would say no I found it relatively easy due to my vehicle which takes a lot of the effort of driving simple so you can concentrate on the track and even have time to view surrounds.

There is also another way to get to same location with a normal vehicle with a reasonable amount of clearance and that is via Whitfield along a relatively flat dirt track with some rocky sections and the views are magnificent. You even get to see a great waterfall at certain times of year called Dandongadale Falls (Victoria’s Longest falls with a 255m drop) not far from Lake Cobbler. Weather permitting as if wet will need a 4wd.

So, either way whether you travel off road or on the bitumen, the Patrol provides you with a comfortable and economical trip and gives you a smooth ride and with all the extras like diff locker and cruise control your trip does not wear you out having to concentrate as hard as if you don’t have and when you arrive you are relatively fresh and ready for short or long walks in the are or simply sit down an relax in your campsite.

Great vehicle for trip, Go Nissan.


Terry Lambourn